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Two-finger Pen Position Correction

Two-finger Pen Position Correction

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Introducing the Two-finger Pen Position Correction device, an innovative tool designed to help children and adults improve their handwriting skills by providing real-time feedback and guidance on proper pen grip and posture.

The Two-finger Pen Position Correction device features a sleek and ergonomic design that fits comfortably over the fingers, encouraging users to adopt the correct grip when writing or drawing. Equipped with sensors and motion-tracking technology, the device detects the position of the fingers and provides immediate feedback if the grip is incorrect. When the user's fingers are positioned correctly, the device remains inactive, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted writing or drawing.

Material: soft rubber
Color: green, yellow, blue
Packing: OPP
1: Baby is a pacifier silicone material, healthy and environmentally friendly, tasteless, five poisons
2: Suitable for ordinary pencils, watercolor pens, gel pens
3: Suitable for children aged 3-13, effectively prevent the thumb and forefinger from crossing, prevent mistakes, correct children's writing skills
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