It is time for our stories to be heard.



The ‘Sixties Scoop” is the term used to describe Canadian child welfare policies where Indigenous babies, children and youth were ‘adopted out’ of their families, communities and Nations and placed in non-Indigenous households. The Sixties Scoop era began in the 1960’s and ended in the 1980’s — but the majority of children were ‘scooped’ during the first decade the policies were implemented. An estimated 16,000 Indigenous children were taken from their families as a result of Sixties Scoop.

“In many instances, children were literally scooped from their homes and communities without knowledge or consent of families and bands. Many First Nations charged that in many cases where consent was not given, that government authorities and social workers acted under the [colonial] assumption that native people were culturally inferior and unable to adequately provide for the needs of the children[1].”
-Dr. Raven Sinclair


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