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High Definition 1200x Microscope Toy Set

High Definition 1200x Microscope Toy Set

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Introducing the High Definition 1200x Microscope Toy Set, an exciting and educational toy designed to spark curiosity and exploration in young scientists. With its advanced features and high-definition optics, this microscope set provides an immersive and engaging learning experience.

The High Definition 1200x Microscope Toy Set features a durable and user-friendly microscope with magnification capabilities of up to 1200x, allowing children to observe the microscopic world in stunning detail. Equipped with high-quality lenses and adjustable focus, this microscope delivers clear and sharp images of various specimens. Designed with safety and durability in mind, the High Definition 1200x Microscope Toy Set is constructed from high-quality materials and features child-friendly design elements.

Material: plastic/plastic
Type of scientific and educational toys: biological/chemical
Applicable age: Juvenile (7-14 years old)
Product size: 14.5x9 × 24CM


Packaging list:
Storage box * 1
Magnifier * 1
Anti slip pad * 1
Experimental tube * 1
Collection bottle * 1
Mobile phone holder * 1
Sampling knife * 1
Sampling needle * 1
Culture dish * 1
Sampling shovel * 1
Tweezers * 1
Dropper * 1
Slide * 1
Incubator * 1
Dust removal cloth * 1
Cover glass slide * 1
Microscope * 1

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