#MMIWG So you want a national inquiry?



So you want a national inquiry? Perhaps you signed a petition? Maybe you tweeted something relating to #MMIWG (missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls) recently and are now all worked about the government not doing anything? Surprise! Welcome to Canada.

But what are you exactly asking for when you say that you want a national inquiry for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls?

Some people say this is a call to action. Actually, no, it isn’t a call to action. But thank you National Chief for that gesture of civility—you don’t have to apologize. We (well some of us) already realize the constrained structures that you are working within and how those structures limit what you can actually do or say, publicly or privately. Oh that darn locus of power, eh?

Some people say it is what we need RIGHT now. No, we don’t.

Let’s have a quick…

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